Sunday, July 15, 2012

I finally got the sleeves to fit and moved on to the french lace I purchased when I first started.  I had to widen the straps about 1/2, lower the sleeve cap and widen the sleeve the same amount.  Normally I would also lengthen the sleeve but since I am using the finish edge of the lace I did not worry about the length.   It was quite scary to cut $160 a yard fabric but I did it.  The sleeves went in so much easier with the quality fabric than the fabric the  mock up.  I also added the cording at the neck.  Once I get the lining attached in the top I will be ready for the skirt.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I have been working on the bodice of my daughters wedding gown.  I have the everything fitting nicely and it looks great as long as she does move her arms.  Still trying to figure out how to fix the problem.  

In the mean time I took a break and made several blouses and a skirt.  The blouse is a Connie Crawford pattern. 

Also along with working, I was bit by a spider that I had an allergic reaction to because he let his fang behind in my leg.  Three stitches later it is healing up. 

Then we found this 8 foot snaked near the front porch.  Just a black rat snake and they are harmless but since he eats small animals including squirrels and  rabbits, I did not want to chance that my 4 pound dog would become dinner. Been an interesting month.   

I hope to have some wedding dress pictures to post soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

 It has been my dream since my daughter was born to make her wedding dress.  When she first told me she was getting married we discussed what she would like.   We tossed around the idea of remaking my mother's wedding gown but she did not like the neck line and she wanted a train.  When I got married I cut off the train to remake the sleeves that did not fit me.  

I started looking for fabric last year.  In the fall I found the white fabric (Diamond white) and got a very good deal.  Today we went to Philadelphia fabric row on South 4th street.  We toured the various stores.  At the second store we went to, we found the green fabric to match her brides maids gowns to use on the dress.  After visiting most of the stores, she found a lace for the sleeves and veil.  We were planning on doing the green cording around the neck and having matching buttons.  The plan has changed..  Any trim around the neck will detract from the lace.  The lace has a very soft hand, along with sequins and beads.  It is a french lace and is just gorgeous.  

On the left is the pattern that I am going to use.  One of the things that she required was cap sleeves.  Not a popular feature right now.  She also wants a scooped neck.  That is an easy fix on most patterns.  

I got the pattern a while back.  Of course fit is the most important part of the garment.  I made a mock up and so far have only pinned out the excess fabric. Now that I have the fabric and know what I am working with I will finish the mock up and get ready to cut on the fashion fabric.  I will be modifying the sleeves slightly to accommodate the lace fabric.   

I am hoping that after I have extra fabric left over after I cut out the dress that I can make a second fitting garment out of the bridal fabric.

More to follow as the dress progresses.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring visited today.

It's been a while since I have had any thing to post.  I have been working to get the new PMB 5 to fit properly.  It seems like a slow process trying to get a decent fit in this upgrade.  I am pretty close to posting my first project.

In the mean time, last week I finished my squares for the quilt that the Friends of Hopewell National Furnace will be making for raffle this year.  We just finished the top and are getting reading to start quilting.

We still need to add the outer strips and then we will be ready to make the sandwich and fasten it to the quilting rack.
After completing my blocks I made some baby items for a shower gift.  I did two blankets and 4 cloths for a friend of my daughter and myself for the soon to be born son.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cleaning my Iron

I made a blouse yesterday and the interfacing I uses stayed on the bottom of my iron turning it brown.  I tried cleaning it off with my old stand by, a dryer sheet, but it had no effect on this glue.  After the iron cooled I tried Goo Begone with no success.  Today I went to Joanne's and bought the Roewnta iron cleaning kit.  My iron is clean again.  The Dritz iron cleaner is probably very similar without all the bells and whistles.  I usually don't indorse a product but I was really impressed with the results.